Thoughts around the definition of Art

Take a minute to look at the table or desk you’re using at this very moment. A person has specifically created it in that specific way which is considered a form of art. Your favorite shoes that you’re currently wearing is also art. Even your most used coffee mug is art. Art is everything that has been made using a functional design. Some people believe that art is functional while also being aesthetically pleasing. Some people think that it constantly changes which is why it’s difficult to pinpoint a specific definition for it. It’s true that art is constantly changing and evolving. However, not knowing its exact definition may get you a bad grade in school. You may even hear people say that you’re being ridiculous not to know its meaning. Don’t let their comments affect you.

Art. Yes or No?

The truth is that art is subjective. It holds a different meaning for different people. It’s all highly dependent on how a person interprets a piece of art. However, don’t go around imposing this definition on people because they may require you to provide a million references to prove what you’re saying. Although everything that I’ve mentioned has some truth to them, art is highly based on people’s opinion. My personal opinion regarding the matter would be useless if you’re going to use it for schoolwork. It’s important for you to have your own opinion. After all, that’s the main reason why you’re receiving education. Always make sure to include your opinion in your answer together with factual information.

Let me tell you about the true meaning of art. Art is composed of form and content. This means that all forms of art contain both of these two factors. The meaning of form relates to the principles of design and the physical materials used by the artist. In this context, form is easily described and specific no matter what type of art is being examined. If you have written that “Form is present in one half of all art. This is where The Shootings of May Third by Goya in 1808 comes in.” It’s important for you to discuss about the specific details on how he used different elements of art. This includes line, value, space and color. Additionally, you would also need to include the principles of design which consists of emphasis, contrast and proportion. The physical materials should also be explained. In this case, he used oil paints and brushes. You can say that he was able to make the art on canvas by incorporating these factors. The example I’ve provided is a form of Western art which was written in English. It’s not difficult to understand the concept of form with regards to its connection with art. It could be created anywhere around the world at any given time and by using any language. That is the complete definition of how form is used in art.

On the other hand, content is trickier to explain. It comes from the artist’s idea which means it involves his emotions, vision and what he wants to portray to his audience. It explains the difference and connection between what the artist is trying to say and how the audience sees it. It also includes factors which influenced the artist such as politics, religion and society. The artist’s use of hallucinogenic substances during the time it was created is also included. The combination of all these factors is the definition of content. Going back to the example regarding Goya, you can write about the shootings which happened as an actual event. Social and political influences should be discussed as well. You can discuss about how Spain was invaded by Napoleon during that time. He was the reason why the country was subjected to war and revolution which lasted for six years. The historical context is also essential. You should include the story about how the citizens of Madrid revolted which resulted to their execution. Goya didn’t feel good about this so he decided to record the horrors he has experienced. It was his intention to convey that message so that other people will become aware of the situation.

People react to paintings in different ways. Some emotions which are commonly felt are sorrow, revulsion and anger. We are only using one picture as an example to discuss the meaning of content. However, the same parameters are also present in all kinds of art. This is my best reply. The definitions I have mentioned can all be incorporated in your own definition. Art comes with endless possibilities for artists and interpretations from people. One may even consider makeup application as a form of art, while others may disagree. Remember, art is composed of both content and form. You can surely think about a few amazing examples of art which you have personally seen or experienced. Now, you’re finally ready to start writing your paper with confidence.