The Genius of Leonardo Da Vinci

My personal decision to include Leonardo Da Vinci wasn’t based on the emotional impact he had on my life. Instead, if I’m honest with you he is far from being my favorite artist. My real reason is that I am in awe of all that he’s accomplished. He did so much amidst having his energy focused on other things too. After talking about Michelangelo, I thought it was only right to include Da Vinci. During the Renaissance era, the two of them were the most recognized artists in the world. Shortly after, the young Raphael joined them. They have always been great rivals who pushed each other’s capabilities to its extent. Michelangelo didn’t listen to anyone else’s opinion, he was very focused on his schemes. He is popularly known for using stone and chisel. On the other hand, Da Vinci mocked Michelangelo for allowing himself to be covered in marble dust. He believed that art was in the invention and the rest of it was just craft.
The Annunciation, Leonardo Da Vinci, Virgin Mary
Da Vinci really wanted to invent something the world has never seen before. He always kept his mind busy by working on various forms of art and technology. I am very amazed by how much influence he had in what we know today as the world’s greatest mechanical inventions. He was really good with airplanes and helicopters but his best invention was in the field of art. We can see the invention of a clear pyramidal composition of figures in the Madonna and Child with Saint Anne. This was later elaborated and perfected by Raphael during the High Renaissance. It is extremely magnificent how he was able to work using his sketch to create the final version. He essentially completed the invention. After this, he decided to work on something else. The idea was fully realized and he decided to repeat it.

The Mona Lisa which he is most well known for is a very different invention in terms of its atmosphere. The smokiness which is called Sfumato envelops the Mona Lisa. It was something completely new in the world of art. This went against the clarity connected to the Renaissance period. Leonardo anticipates Rembrandt by using subordinating colors and forms. I consider it remarkable how he has achieved so much in his career while devoting a lot of his energy to exploring more of the world’s endless possibilities. I think that the world hasn’t seen a man as equal as his intellect until Einstein came along.

Leonardo Da Vinci, The Last Supper, The Last Meal