Living and enjoying a Good Life

1. Take the time to examine your life. Always be on the lookout for new activities and experiences which will enrich your mind. This concept has been used since hundreds of years ago. Plato, a Greek philosopher, created verses regarding this which was heard through the voice of Socrates. Making the best out of your life involves examining it using reason. In all life phases beginning from infancy through adulthood, the importance of examining and sensing life is always present. Infants continuously explore different surroundings. Grandparents read and assess the headlines in the newspaper on a daily basis. The main purpose of reason is to let humans participate in life. Being human means having the capability to think, explore and appraise the world. People discover spiritual pleasure and discover new sources of material.
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2. It’s important not to worry about things you can’t control. Only focus on things that you can influence or change. Prevent yourself from constantly obsessing about things beyond your control. This concept is clearly discussed in the ancient Stoic wisdom. It is about the belief that there is an ultimately rational order of how things operate in the universe. This reflects a divine providence who ensures the proper outcome of everything that happens in a person’s life. Epictetus didn’t simply prescribe faith to be considered as an abstract philosophical principle. He believed in the use of a concrete strategy which is specifically based on spiritual and intellectual discipline. They key to preventing negative things from happening in your life is to cultivate a positive attitude towards it. This includes the idea of focusing only on things you can control. For example, a misguided investor may not have any way of recovering his fortune. However, he can still be in control of his emotions by choosing not to engage in self-torment. Even people who have been victims of natural disasters could still recover as long as they choose to have hope. Although we cannot control circumstances which happen in our lives, we can definitely be in control of its outcome.
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3. Treasure Friendship is the reciprocal attachment which fills a person’s need for affiliation. Friends cannot be bought. It must begin with a nurturing environment which leads to trust and amity. Humans differ from all other forms of existence because of our deeply ingrained social instincts. We all need association, affiliation and good relationships. The philosophers Plato, Socrates and Aristotle believed that the formation of society is the reflection of people’s need for human affiliation. It doesn’t involve a contractual agreement found in otherwise detached individuals. Animals do not have this need. Human beings are the only living creatures who require friendships to make their lives meaningful. Genuine friendship is only acquired through the commitment and dedication of both parties involved.