Hey, you got Style!

When the word style is mentioned, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Most people will answer that style refers to a person’s sense of fashion and outer appearance. However, today I wanted to discuss about how style is much more than that. It isn’t only seen in a person’s perfect hairstyle, collection of designer bags or the most luxurious jewelry he or she owns. Style is a form of expression. It is a combination of a how a person moves his or her body, how he speaks and dresses up plus everything else. Basically, it’s a person’s way of expressing what they feel inside externally. It includes all of your personal emotions, thoughts, values and interests. Everything that you can see in a person’s exterior is a mere reflection of what he or she truly feels inside. Most people aren’t even aware about the message they’re conveying to other people through their style choices. It is impossible to keep track of everything involving your words and actions.

When a loved one confronts you about how he really sees you, it isn’t always what you expect. Your vision for yourself is usually far off from how other people perceive you. Because of this, style coaches have begun sharing their expertise. They help their clients understand all contributing factors which affects their external appearance. They help individuals improve their words and actions to become in sync with how they want others to perceive them. Let me give you an example. Lucas Scott may look like a nice guy who has a way with everyone. However, when it comes to dating women he finds it very challenging. Beautiful girls just don’t seem to be interested in him. What could possibly be causing this? The answer is various factors which he isn’t even aware of. When he talks to these women, his voice seems like it’s seeking some sort of validation. His outfits are too formal and girls easily get intimated. He also reveals his insecurities which turns the girls off.

We can all agree that most people have a thing they want to change about themselves. After identifying your flaws and weaknesses, you can begin to change for the better. Some of my colleagues think that because I’m a consultant I should always look professional and be charming and enthusiastic at all times. However, I seldom find myself at home unshaven and I prefer wearing comfortable clothes over following fashion trends. I have to admit, I am slightly obsessed with talking about style. It is related to how people can improve their lives which makes interpersonal relationships more effective. I love analyzing and learning about style. While I am obsessing over it, I also wanted to impart my knowledge to you so you could also learn what it really entails. I firmly believe that each one of us is capable of being charismatic. We can all be the type of girl or guy who everyone loves and adores.

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